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Teams@Work quality systems eliminate paper shuffling

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Australian companies seeking to manage their ISO9001 quality systems and focus their organisations' quality improvement efforts are finding that the web-based Teams@Work quality system provides a solution that eliminates most of the paper shuffling associated with traditional paper-based ISO9001 system.

According to Siganto Air Service & Solutions, prior to implementing the Teams@Work quality system, it was difficult to successfully update their team of technicians with changes made in policy and process documentation. As the technicians are away from base most of the day, communications, other than by mobile telephone, proved time consuming. Now the technicians can remotely access the quality system through the web and receive system notifications/document changes immediately.

Siganto Air Service & Solutions observe that reporting, resolving, and tracking corrective actions is quick. With the availability of a web-based format, less paperwork frees up both project managers and technicians, enhancing productivity.

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