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Folding Trolley Lift for female employees available from Team Systems

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article image The STD 80 Folding Trolley lift

The challenges of lifting safely or moving heavy weight packages, especially by women, are now addressed by the release of an innovative new folding trolley lift by Team Systems .

Designated the STD 80, the folding trolley lift is designed to assist in the movement of heavy items between the floor and a bench or storage area, or in and out of a vehicle.

The Team Systems STD 80 is suitable for parcels, packages, even a dozen bottle wine pack or a large ream of photo copy paper, whose weight usually exceeds the recommended safe lifting weight for female employees in particular.

The STD 80 will lift to a height of 1290mm and weighs only 22kgs and is designed for a maximum load of 60kgs.When not being used as a lifting and handling mechanism, the folding trolley lift is of equal value as a portable trolley or sack truck, and can be freely wheeled around a factory floor or distribution centre.

The STD 80 is manufactured from heavy duty treated aluminium, with strong and durable steel components to reflect its light unladen weight of 22kgs.

Shane Poulton, Managing Director, Team Systems, says that the investment in the purchase of an STD 80 is minimal when compared to the costs of injury, back strains or other injuries or discomfort caused by lifting or shifting overweight packages.The STD 80 is designed to give an individual solution for frequent or intermittent movement of packages or parcels to make the task safer, convenient and within recommended loads.

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