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Folding Safety Cages and work platforms available from Team Systems

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For many businesses, a fork lift provides a readily accessible means of manually accessing heights for maintenance, elevated stock checking, replacing light globes or a host of other working at height tasks. 

Team Systems have made this a much safer workplace practice by manufacturing a folding safety cage, which is designed to accept the forks of a fork lift truck.

The folding safety cages and work platforms are designed to carry up to two people or a total load of 250kgs with a dimension of 1.2sqm and a cage height of 1m.

The side to be fitted close to the mast of the forklift has a 2.2m high safety screen.

Designed to comply with the Australian Standard AS 2359.1, folding safety cages have an inward opening self closing door, an internal hand rail and safety chains fitted to it.

There are also toe boards on all sides with the unit fabricated from 40mm square steel tube and steel mesh, which carries a powder coated paint finish.

These cages are designed to fit full length sleeves of forks and come with retaining pins to secure them safely in position.

With its collapsible and folding version, the folding safety cage can quickly be reduced to a compact flat pack at a convenient size for storage or shipment.

These safety cages can be supplied with or without an optional safety harness for resistance and is designed for fall or arrest protection up to a weight of 136kgs with an energy absorbing 1.8m long lanyard.

According to Team Systems, folding safety cages and work platforms offer a safe and an authority approved way of lifting personnel to a height by using a forklift truck.

Team Systems folding safety cages are available in standard and folding versions and suit businesses that do not have access to or the need for an elevating work platform.

The Safety Cage and Work Platforms in folding and standard options available from Team Systems ensure safe working at heights by secure attachment to the forks of a fork lift truck in compliance with the relevant Australian Standard.

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