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Updated edition of Syspro Enterprise Software

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Syspro has released SYSPRO 6.0, Issue 10, the new release of Syspro Enterprise Software. 

Issue 10, which has been two years in the making, is Syspro’s important release in the past five years. This release exemplifies the Syspro philosophy of developing a software product that simplifies the success of its users and incorporates radical improvements to the user interface, the addition of meaningful functionality across the core modules, finance, distribution, and manufacturing, and a huge leap forward in reporting capability represented by Syspro Reporting Services.

Clients and prospects increasingly expect a greater level of customisation capability within the core product itself, with the ability to control the look and feel of the user interface, and the ability to incorporate their own data and their own special ways of processing that data. This is where Issue 10 shines.

Issue 10 offers future-proof customisation by giving the client control over the look and feel, and providing the ability to incorporate their own data and processes without changing source code. The result is a more efficient business operation. 

According to Team Computing, a Syspro reseller in Australia, SYSPRO 6.0, Issue 10 now has world-standard reporting capabilities with the debut of SYSPRO Reporting Services, a next-generation reporting tool that incorporates an embedded version of Crystal Reports XI. This enables clients to design custom reports to virtually any level of complexity and professionalism, complete with tailored reporting options, preferences and layout features such as graphs.

By interlacing the rich reporting and metrics-generating capabilities of Crystal, XML and the Microsoft .NET architecture of Syspro, customers are delivered a unified, cost-effective reporting and metrics generating solution that further simplifies their operational effectiveness.

Syspro Reporting Services also improves productivity by using business objects as a layer to derive data, thereby protecting the customer from having to redo their reports every time there is a new version of Syspro.

Syspro’s innovative development approach has consistently focused on the adoption of technology to increase the breadth and depth of functionality and features, while reducing overall complexity. The incorporation into Issue 10 of future-proof customisation and Syspro Reporting Services alone makes the new release ground breaking.

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