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Team Computing releases iTera’s Echo² Vault solution

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Team Computing, Australian reseller of multi-award winning high availability and disaster recovery solutions has announced Echo² Vault is now in Australia. 

Echo² Vault is an economical disaster recovery product that not only ensures a complete restoration of data in the event of a failure or disaster (and does so without a second iSeries), but also can eliminate downtime during daily and weekly tape backups.

With this solution, a business can recover quickly from a disaster without loss of data, since daily transactions, changed objects, and saves are automatically sent to a local system, a remote system or a central data centre (or vault), in near real-time. That means no more relying on the previous night’s tape backup and no more hours or days spent manually reconstructing data in the event of a system failure. Echo² Vault can restore user’s system to the point-in-time the system fails or is damaged.

Shops will no longer need to worry about error-prone traditional tape solutions, nor the labour-intensive manual tasks associated with tape saves such as week-end onsite monitoring or support, offsite transportation (lock-box) service, and the cost of tapes or supplies. With the new Vault solution from iTera, all this becomes a thing of the past, even for small companies.

On top of the tremendous benefit of an economical, near real-time disaster recovery solution with Echo² Vault, backups can now be completed any time during the workday with little or no impact to ongoing operations.

There is no solution like Echo² Vault in the Australian marketplace today. iTera’s new Vault solution makes it easier for companies of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of a robust disaster recovery solution, as the solution does away with the need for a second backup machine. That makes it a low cost entry point, which can be easily upgraded to iTera’s full-featured high availability family when the time is right.

iTera, developer of Echo² Vault, is excited to bring this one-of-a kind solution to the market. Echo² Vault provides the tremendous benefit of eliminating downtime during the backup/save process, coupled with ability to restore data to near point-of-failure in the event of a disaster or system failure. This is important in the event a system should fail between backups or if the corruption of one or more data objects occurs.

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