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Stalled IMAS installation revived

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WHAT a difference the right business partner can make. That's what Promedica found when they brought in Team Computing to 'kick-start' a stalled IMAS implementation.

Promedica Pty Ltd, a leading Australian supplier of medical and surgical products to the hospital and healthcare industry experienced consistently strong growth during the last three years. In turn, rising demands by users, customers, suppliers and the Government began putting a strain on their internally written IT systems.

Says Craig Perkins, managing director of Promedica, "We recognised early on the need for a software package that was not only robust, but which could easily be expanded and enhanced to fit Promedica's business model both now and in the future. We have an exciting 5-year strategic plan to expand our four key portfolios in line with our primary objective of value creation. Upon reviewing the available software, we chose IMAS for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and scalability. It was all systems go, with implementation expected to be completed by the second half of 2004. Unfortunately the implementation went over time, over budget and resulted in a system that just didn't work. By the beginning of 2005, with user confidence in the new system at an all time low, the project was halted and Team Computing called in to get the project back on track."

Says Peter Sanderson, general manager of Team Computing, "When we were called in to investigate the problems with the new IMAS system, and design a solution, we knew we had to do this right. Not only did Promedica need a system that the users could rely on, it was to provide the basis for their future business expansion and integrate with their future IT infrastructure. As we began working with Promedica's staff and user base it quickly became apparent that the new IMAS application was essentially doing the same job as the old system but with a whole set of new problems, so our first priority was to identify and correct the critical ones."

He continues, "Our consultants have years of IMAS experience and they keep up-to-date with its development. That meant they quickly realised that IMAS could perform the majority of functions that Promedica required and they began working to bring previously modified code back into line.

“Once completed, simple enhancements were made to IMAS following strict standards to fit Promedica's business model. During this time our consultants ensured that accurate documentation of their work was maintained so that anyone working on Promedica's system in the future would understand what had been done, and how the code was meant to work. Finally, all outstanding tasks were listed, and user training began."

Craig Perkins continues, "Once the critical problems were addressed, and user training commenced, confidence in the system grew and we saw a rapid improvement in staff morale. Now users are beginning to change the way they view IT from something that is merely a back-office record keeping device to a viable business tool."

Today Team Computing is working with Promedica to rationalise their IT infrastructure, to make it much easier to manage, and less costly over the long term.

Says Sanderson, "We now guide and support Promedica to ensure they have a coherent, business-wide strategy for the implementation and support of new technologies and solutions to improve their business processes. Essentially, we help them choose good solutions that are proven, implement them with a minimum of disruption, and support the workforce as users of that technology."

Perkins concludes: "With IMAS now doing the job we originally envisioned, and with users' renewed confidence in IT as a business tool, we are taking the next step forward in our business growth plans - to modernise our sales force through the use of laptops. Our reps used to rely on paper, phone and fax. Now, with ongoing support and user training from Team, they are embracing the new technology. We're already seeing faster, more convenient communication, and better customer care. Since partnering with Team Computing our business systems are back on track and we're on the way to achieving our business goals."

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