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NuSep selects SYSPRO’s ERP Software

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NuSep Limited, based in Sydney is a newly listed company with a 30 year heritage in biological separations technology. Created when it was spun out of Life Therapeutics, NuSep’s core competency is in precast gels and laboratory separation processes.

NuSep, specialising in the sale and distribution of the bio-separations products has generated considerable interest since being listed on the ASX this past May. NuSep is aiming to become the leading supplier in the life science separations market.

NuSep sells 70 different products of which it manufactures 55 at its facility in Frenchs Forest.

These include biological reagents such as human IgG (gamma globulin) as well as gels and associated buffers, and stains used to sort and identify proteins which are used in commercial laboratories and universities.

Diagnostics such as blood clot tests are made by Life Therapeutics and distributed by NuSep in Australia and New Zealand. In 2006 NuSep began to sell products under its own trade mark, distributing them directly from Sydney, Atlanta GA and Munich and through a number of independent distributors in the US and Europe.

As the company inherited its IT systems from Life Therapeutics - mainly Windows servers and Office 2003 applications - a comprehensive assessment of the IT infrastructure became a priority.

It was found that their main systems were disparate and ineffective for managing NuSep’s current and future business requirements.

After evaluation it was decided that where possible NuSep would use only proven products and replace those that were problematic with fully integrated solutions.

“We consolidated our nine servers down to five, we kept IQMS, our document control system which ran on SQL, and we decided to stay with Windows Outlook and Office 2003 for general purpose functions.”

“The problematic systems however were enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Our business critical systems!” said Greg Rogers, Director of Operations at NuSep.

“We inherited a larger, older ERP application and were using both the financial and manufacturing modules. Unfortunately the manufacturing module is no longer formally supported in Australia and as a result the system developed into having business critical errors. There were differences in summary and detail tables manifesting in allocation errors that could not be corrected by our staff.”

“This created a lack of user confidence in the system. The inherited CRM solution was functional but was deemed too large for our relatively compact organisation and so required more resources than we were prepared to provide.”

“We needed a new integrated business solution and we needed a solutions partner that could implement it in a tight timeframe,” Rogers added.

When NuSep began to review the various business solutions available it had five key objectives. The chosen solution had to be affordable, scalable, allow remote access, incorporate web-based services and lot control.

Of the ten application solutions initially evaluated, each of which encompassed sales, distribution, manufacturing and financials, NuSep chose SYSPRO ERP software from Team Computing Australia.

“SYSPRO ERP was chosen because it excelled in a number of areas. Firstly it is very affordable both in terms of installation and ongoing costs, and very scalable,” says Rogers.

“Its modular nature means it will expand with us as we grow from a 35 user company to an organisation with distribution networks in multiple countries.”

“Secondly, SYSPRO ERP was able to meet our business requirements without the need for customisation. Because we don’t have to spend time changing our business processes to fit the software we can get an accurate, robust ERP system up and running in the shortest amount of time.”

“Thirdly, a critical driver of companies in the life sciences industry is quality control and regulatory compliance. Specifically, the ability to ensure quality and traceability of raw materials and manufactured products even after the sale is critical.”

“With SYSPRO’s Lot Traceability module we can easily satisfy government regulations. This module builds a database of information gained throughout the entire manufacturing process which cannot be altered. If a problem occurs we can trace the product back to its source.”

NuSep is undertaking the change over of its ERP and CRM in two stages. Stage one is the installation of SYSPRO ERP. “Having an accurate ERP system that is supported locally is of immense value to our company.” Said Rogers.

“We spoke to long term users of SYSPRO who confirmed that the product is continually supported and developed, and easy to use. We are confident in SYSPRO’s commitment to their software and the local technical support provided by Team Computing.” adds Rogers.

“Accuracy will renew user confidence and we will be able to use IT as a platform for future growth. We envisage greatly reduced transaction times – a must given our stock has a shelf life of only three months and resides in multiple locations - reduced double-handling of data, and greater access for remote sales staff resulting in improved customer care.”

Team Computing’s CEO, Peter Sanderson goes on to say, “Our consultants all have more than 10 years experience in the IT industry, and our implementation specialists average more than 15 years of experience assisting clients like NuSep to get the most from their ERP solutions and technical infrastructure.”

“We guide our clients to ensure they have a coherent business-wide strategy for the implementation of new technologies and we aim to rationalise their IT infrastructure to minimise costs over the long term.”

He adds, “Our goal has always been to help our clients choose proven solutions, implement them with a minimum of disruption, and support the workforce as users of that technology.”

Late 2007 NuSep plans to implement stage two of the change over - SYSPRO’s CRM and e.net solutions. SYSPRO’s e.net is a new component architecture that gives authorised individuals the ability to interact with SYSPRO data over the Web as well as from remote devices, including palm pilots and cell phones.

This will give NuSep better control of customer information and will reduce duplicated order handling for web based orders.

Rogers concludes, “SYSPRO and Team Computing have not only been responsive to our needs, but also flexible – fitting in with our timetable and doing the installation in a relatively short space of time.”

“The implementation has been rapid and within weeks we will have an accurate business system that we control centrally and make available to remote and international users.”

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