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Stabiliser systems from G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia)

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The different functionalities of stabiliser systems, from G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia) , in food systems include the following:

  • Texturising and influence on consistency
  • Stabilisation of the food ingredients
  • Maintaining the stability of food
  • Technological adjuvants

The functions of texturising and influencing consistency can give creaminess to foods, can act as a gelling or water binding agent, control the regulation of melting behaviour, act as filling agent and give viscosity adjustment.

Stabilisations of food ingredients functions include regulation of pH-value, creating a protective colloid for proteins as well as giving colour and oxidation stability.

The functionalities involved with the physical stability of food include decreased crystallisation, emulsion formation, suspension and foam, prevention of syneresis and regulation of water content.

The HAHN product groups including HAMULSION, HAMULBAC or HAMULTOP are all branded and represent different kinds of individual tailor made blends, wholly tailored to the onsite processing line.

HAMULSION stabiliser systems act as a thickening agent, used for emulsification and act as a protective colloid. HAMULSION stabiliser systems can comprise a number of hydrocolloids, emulsifiers and salts in combination.

HAMULSION stabiliser systems find application in cakes, fillings, soups, milk products, ice creams and on low calorie foods.

HAMULTOP systems are combinations of proteins and find application during the preparation of desserts, acidified milk products, sauces and meat products.

HAMULBAC stabiliser systems comprise of a range of organic and inorganic salts and acid regulators. HAMULBAC stabiliser systems are used for adjusting the number of hydrogen ions in a food system.

HAMULBAC stabiliser systems find application in sweet milk beverages, cream and fine food products, neutral milk dessert products, cheese and acidified milk products.

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