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Stabiliser system for couscous products from G.C. Hahn

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Couscous as traditional Northern African food is enjoying growing popularity as the trend towards ethnically authentic products remains strong.

When cooking a couscous dish, it is vital to obtain that typical light and fluffy texture. For industrial production, exactly the same challenge arises.

G.C. Hahn  now offers an industrially verified stabiliser system that permits a simple industrial process for delicious sterilised couscous products.

The Hahn stabiliser system serves as filling aid and permits trouble-free, highly efficient industrial processing with short preparation time: Couscous is processed raw without any pre-treatment at all - all ingredients are processed and filled cold before they undergo heat treatment and the filling takes place in one single step.

Last but not least, the filling aid guarantees an ideal texture for each production batch.

Hahn filling aids are also available for other products such as risotto and other rice or pasta dishes. They ensure a high quality standard so that high consumer expectations are met.

Couscous is a versatile food and offers a host of tasty product ideas: plain as side dish for vegetable and meat based meals, mixed with vegetables as an oven bake, as a cold salad with vegetables, in broths and as a sweet dessert.

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