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Hydrocolloid and emulsifier stabiliser systems from G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia)

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G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia)  has developed new solutions for food manufacturers to reduce the impact of increase in food production costs. The food production costs have been rising steadily and the effects are being felt globally.

As higher demand continues to force up ingredient prices, more food manufacturers are looking to offset rising input costs through cost reduction programmes.

With the knowledge of recipe formulation and process technologies, and backed by its international research and development centres, G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia) can offer cost-engineered hydrocolloid and emulsifier stabiliser systems which significantly reduce the cost of standard formulations.

For one 0% fat stirred yogurt product G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia) achieved a 10 - 15% cost reduction in raw materials by reducing the milk protein content, of their 0% fat stirred yogurt while still maintaining good taste and texture qualities.

G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia) has also achieved cost reductions for cream toppings, a part of many desserts. Customised stabilizer systems developed by G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia) can reduce the butter fat content from around 22% to between 11% and 14% fat, creating real cost savings.

G.C. Hahn & Co (Australia) works in partnership with its customer’s staff to develop tailored solutions.

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