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Sumitomo range of All Electric injection moulding machines available

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Sumitomo range of All Electric injection moulding machines, sold and serviced by Tasman Machinery, has been one of the top selling All Electric machines in Australia for the last 5 years. With over 35 machines already installed, the advantages of All Electric machine technology are being seen by an ever increasing number of manufacturers in Australia.

At the heart of Sumitomo’s All Electric technology, is the patented direct drive, ball screw technology, which give superior response times, with perfect linearity, and extremely high durability, when compared with belt driven all electric machines, and hydraulic machines.

Other engineering advancements of the SE-DU Series include the centre press platen design, which provides a uniform pressure distribution over the entire platen, helping reduce mould wear, and allowing lower clamp force settings. Clamp force feedback control, via a strain gauge measurement on the tie bar, guarantees the clamp force set on the machine remains the same over the entire production run.

The PC based software and machine controller on the SE-DU offers simple operation for machine operators. With a 12.1” touch screen controller, all pages are laid out in a logical manner, with super quick access to the main pages required by users.

With extensive SPC/SQC functions, the N9 controller fulfils demanding requirements by customers.

USB slots are standard, allowing users to easily download a vast array of information if required.

Other standard features of the N9 controller include 200 internal mould memories, 5 independent output signals selectable from 24 different items, and PC connection circuits.

In today’s environment, of global warming, record breaking droughts, and ISO 14,000, All Electric machines are an obvious choice for proactive companies. With energy savings of up to 80% and water savings of up to 95%, when compared with hydraulic machines, the SE DU Series from Sumitomo offer real savings for both the environment and users.

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