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article image RheometerVTM provides full polymer characteristics in a single test.

DYNISCO has introduced an all-new polymer test instrument.

Available from Tasman Machinery Pty Ltd , the new Dynisco RheometerVTM is a powerful polymer measurement tool that provides the capability to fully characterise polymers in a single test.

VTM stands for "viscosity, transition, and modulus", which indicates the three critical phases of polymer measurement - from the melt phase, through the transition to solid state.

The RheometerVTM measures dynamic mechanical properties through all of these phases.

Dynisco says the RheometerVTM offers operators superior productivity compared to other rheometers on the market. For instance, the RheometerVTM can be easily programmed to queue up to 100 samples with no operator intervention.

Minimal sample preparation is required and downtime due to material clean-up is virtually eliminated with the system's patented film delivery system.

The rheometer can test resins in powder, pellet and sheet form, and is ideal for both laboratory and production environments.

The RheometerVTM provides excellent data repeatability from test to test, according to Dynisco.

The rheometer’s Pathfinder software provides access to data when and where it's needed.

Dynisco's quality design, manufacturing and service ensure data reproducibility from instrument to instrument.

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