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Fortus 3D Production Systems Lead Market in Direct Digital Manufacturing

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article image Working Airplane Prop Built on Fortus 3D Production Systems

Tasman Machinery  offers Fortus 3D Production Systems from Stratasys, leading manufacturers worldwide in the fast growing field of Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM).  

DDM is widely considered by many of the world’s leading companies as the new frontier for manufacturing in the 21st century.  

Companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and BMW are some of the more well known names who have taken DDM to heart and are using Fortus 3D Production Systems across a full range of applications within their organisations.  

The major advantages provided by DDM include the ability to greatly reduce delivery times and costs, while enabling highly innovative solutions for design.  

DDM is lowering the barriers for a wide range of organisations to an even wider range of applications.  

Processes and applications that have traditionally been considered too timely, expensive and difficult are now feasible.  

A good example of such an application is the development of soluble core composite tooling using Fortus 3D Production Systems, which allows designers to develop highly complex geometries for composite material products.  

Fortus 3D Production Systems are leading the development of DDM due to their ability to process a full range of engineering thermoplastics with large build sizes, fast throughput and the highest levels of repeatability and accuracy.  

The large range of thermoplastics that can be processed on the Fortus 3D Production Systems allows users to aggregate the use of the system across a full range of applications.  

A single customer can utilise one machine for the following processes:

  • Initial product development
  • Build concept models
  • Create fully functional prototypes used by focus groups and target customers in the field
  • Create tooling masters for processes such as investment casting or applications like composite material tools, PS or PU
  • Build jigs and fixtures used in the manufacturing of the final product and then finally the end user parts, possibly replacing injection moulded parts

All the above processes can be completed in significantly reduced times and costs when compared with traditional methods.  

Fortus 3D Production Systems enable companies to increase their productivity, reduce costs and increase profits while allowing them to innovate across their entire organisation.

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