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Fire safety course offered by TasFire Training

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TasFire Training  specialises in nationally recognised fire safety training courses. TasFire Training provides essential knowledge and skills for employees to guide them to adopt themselves to the safe work practices and react with immediate response to incidents in the workplace.

TasFire Training offers various training courses which include Fire Extinguisher, Fire safety, Chief Warden, Wardens, Breathing Apparatus, Confined Space, Fire Safety and Equipment, Emergency Response Teams and height safety.

TasFire Training conducts training on either site in accordance with the client’s preference or at TasFire Training’s three regional training facilities. The training courses are based on the competence with the national accreditation. TasFire Training delivers specialised training in hazard abatement, fire investigation and bushfire safety.

Fire Safety Course is designed for all workplace personnel for gaining the skills and knowledge which can be applied in various settings which helps to assist in safer workplace maintenance. Upon completion of this course, a clear understanding and awareness on fire prevention is gained. The content of the fire safety course includes common causes of fires in workplace, how to respond in case of fire occurrence in workplace, how to prevent workplace fire and how to identifying portable fire fighting equipment.

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