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Wireless presenter with laser pointer

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article image Simple to operate tool at an affordable price.

TARGUS Australia has released a new wireless presentation remote controller with a built-in laser pointer priced. The cordless 2.4GHz presenter has been designed as a simple-to-operate tool to enhance presentations, at an affordable price.

To add to its utility, the presenter can also double as a mouse while held in the hand.

Intended for the growing number of mobile professionals who frequently deliver presentations, the presenter’s features enable maximum eye contact and natural interaction with the audience. And with a wireless range of over 15 metres, the user can control a presentation while roaming freely in almost any environment.

With the easy-to-identify buttons and extended wireless freedom making it easy to stay focused on the audience, presenters can maintain eye contact as they wander about a room, without running back and forth to their PC or awkwardly signaling for someone else to push a button to go to the next slide.

The reliable 2.4GHz wireless technology makes the device easy to set up and pack away, with installation simply involving plugging the mini-receiver into a computer’s USB port.

When not in use, the presenter and mini-receiver are protected by a neat storage case for travel.

At approximately 10cm long x 4cm wide, the presenter fits comfortably in the hand, large enough to maneuver but not so large or flashy that it draws unnecessary attention.

It has a simple, logical button layout that is easy to navigate by feel, with four main buttons set in a circle. The right and left buttons logically represent the forward and back commands and are big enough for the largest thumb to operate comfortably.

Below the main controls is a neat slider that activates the integrated laser pointer, allowing the user to direct the audience’s attention to a particular portion of a projected slide.

There are two other buttons above the primary Forward and Back controls, one that launches or exits the slideshow mode in PowerPoint and one that darkens the screen temporarily, allowing full concentration on that one topic.

The wireless 2.4GHz presenter has an average battery life of six months with frequent use.

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