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Targus consults award-winning inventor for T.A.N.C. education case

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article image Targus consults award-winning inventor for T.A.N.C. education case

Targus Australia  has announced the arrival of its toughest case yet: the Targus Armoured Notebook Case (T.A.N.C.). Designed in consultation with an award-winning Australian scientist, the T.A.N.C. offers maximum protection for laptops used in education, and other environments where they are at greater risk of being damaged. 

Targus has collaborated with award-winning Australian inventor Don Morgan to develop a new laptop case capable of offering maximum protection in the most extreme conditions – the schoolyard. Don Morgan, whose ‘Cone-head’ shock-absorbing liner for motorcycle and bicycle helmets won the Grand Final of ABC TV’s The New Inventors programme in 2007, consulted with Targus on the development of the T.A.N.C. (Targus Armoured Notebook Case) for students.

Considered an expert in devising methods to prevent against impact sources, Don Morgan analysed Targus’ current products and testing system, with a focus on the company’s Education offering. Whilst Don Morgan credits Targus as offering the most superior laptop case on the market and being “Quantum leaps ahead of their main competitors”, he consulted with Targus on developments that would enable the company to maintain its market edge. 

Taking into account the tendency for students to roughly handle their bags, Don Morgan’s key recommendations for the new education case, designed to fit inside schoolbags, included improvements to the protective shell and shock absorbing liner. By absorbing shocks, bumps and drops the T.A.N.C. case doesn’t just prevent damage, it minimises the need for laptop repair – and ensures learning isn’t interrupted. Parents can also be confident that their financial investment has been safeguarded.

Don Morgan collaborated with Targus to develop a revolutionary new system (patent pending) of padded layering to enhance the protective shell. T.A.N.C. features heavy-duty fittings and zippers, in addition to D-rings which can be personalised with tags or key-charms to stand out from the crowd. Other options such as handles, shoulder straps and choice of colours are available on minimum order quantities.

Targus undertook rigorous independent testing of the case through accessUTS Pty Ltd, wholly owned by University of Technology, Sydney. The testing examined a range of force and pressure scenarios. Results showed that the laptop case can be dropped from a height of 1.2 metres, such as from a desktop or a seat on a bus or train, and not result in damage to the laptop inside. Test results also showed that a laptop would not be damaged should the case be compressed by other personal items in schoolbags or leant on by a weight of up to 50kg. The case is capable of taking a fully distributed load of 300kg without damaging the laptop inside.

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