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New wireless 2.4 GHz presenter available from Targus Australia

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The wireless 2.4 GHz presenter from Targus Australia has been purpose designed to help business professionals concentrate on their words while they wirelessly control the visual side of their presentation.

The wireless presenter is intended for the growing number of mobile professionals who frequently deliver power-point presentations.

Controls are easy to identify by touch, allowing the user to focus on the audience rather than fumbling to find the next slide. And with a wireless range of over 15 metres, the user can control a presentation while roaming freely in almost any environment.

With the easy-to-identify buttons and extended wireless freedom, it is easier to stay focused on the audience instead of on the computer.

Presenters can maintain eye contact as they wander freely about a room, without running back and forth to their PC or awkwardly signalling for someone else to push a button to go to the next slide.

Targus’ reliable 2.4 GHz wireless technology makes the device easy to set up and easy to pack away, with installation simply involving plugging the receiver into a computer’s USB port. Totally plug and play, there is no software to install.

When not in use, the receiver and presenter are easily and safely stowed away in their own neat carrying pouch.

At approximately 11.5cm long x 3cm wide, the wireless 2.4 GHz presenter fits comfortably in the hand, large enough to manoeuvre but not so large or flashy that it draws unnecessary attention.

The wireless 2.4 GHz presenter has a simple, logical button layout that is easy to navigate by feel, with two obvious buttons representing the forward and back commands.

the wireless 2.4 GHz presenters are distinctly concave so that the thumb naturally rests on those controls and above them is a larger cursor control.

Easily accessible on the side of the presenter is a raised button that activates the integrated laser pointer, allowing the user to direct their audience’s attention to a particular portion of a projected slide.

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