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article image The Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Gas Flush.

TARAPATH provides a large range of heat and vacuum sealers.

One such model is the Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Gas Flush.

The AVC-20 is designed for trays, tape and reeled products and many popular shipping tubes.

It produces clean, wrinkle-free seals by creating the seal before the bag distorts. Valuable products will be assured of arriving in a safe, dry and contaminant free environment with the Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

The AVC-20 will quickly and efficiently vacuum seal products at touch of a button. The elimination of excess air reduces space for more economical shipping costs, holds contents in place to prevent damage and prevents any static generation.

The AVC-20 achieves consistent vacuum pressure by allowing users to preset the level they require.

The large vacuum chamber means the product can accommodate large products.

Specifications include:

* Chamber size: 55.9cm x 55.9cm x 10.2cm

* Seal length: 50.8cm

* Seal width: 6.35mm

* Vacuum flow: 18CFM

* Max vacuum pressure: 28.5inHg

* Air requirements: 18 CFM @ 90PSI

* Amps @ 120VAC: 6

* Gas flush

* Unit size: 71.1cm (L) x 61cm (W) x 24.1cm (H)

* Approximate weight: 145 lbs.

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