Tarapath is a distributor CAB, Fischer Electronics, ITECO, OLAMEF,VOGT AG, Zierick Inc.,CAVIST, OPTIMEL and Macromel. Large stock of spacers and PCB terminals.


Supplier news
31/12/07 - Tarapath, an Australian company was established in 1989 and it plays a significant role in the supply of extensive hardware and equipment.
Supplier news
08/02/06 - TARAPATH provides a large range of heat and vacuum sealers. One such model is the Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Gas Flush, the AVC-20. The AVC-20 is designed for trays, tape and reeled products and many popular shipping tubes.
Supplier news
08/02/06 - TARAPATH provides a large range of electronic tape dispensers. One such product is the ZCM1100 Electronic Tape dispenser with ‘safety guard cutting head’.

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Tarapath (Head office) Update these details
Unit 6
63-71 Boundary Rd
North Melbourne
VIC 3051
Tel: 03 9269 6200
Fax: 03 9326 5133

Tarapath Brands

Alumtech CAB Cambridge Automation Fischer Elektronik FKN HOZAN Instamark ITECO Koki OLAMEF Vogt WDT Zierick

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