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Tanktel Pty Ltd is privately owned Australian company that specialises in remote tank and silo monitoring solutions for over 15 years. The Tanktel Telemetry System is now used all over the world in countries such as New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific and Europe. This system now allows you to control and monitor your tank and silo levels anywhere that has a web browser. Tanktel's Telemetry System provides full security and alarms with email or SMS ... + View more


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13/01/11 - Tanktel’s field equipment includes the compact and cost effective 4 tank Kingfisher LP-2 model, the NEW IP-5 IP based 5 channel RTU or the more expandable Kingfisher Series II units.
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18/11/10 - The web browser interface for the Tanktel Tank Telemetry System has been designed to offer all the facilities necessary for remote display and management of customer tank levels.
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03/11/10 - The Tanktel Tank Telemetry system is a complete, fully internet-based system for the remote monitoring of tank levels.
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02/11/10 - Telemetry Server Software by Tanktel Pty Ltd is used to gather and manage customer site data.
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