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Heavy duty safes from Tank Security

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Tank Security  offers safes and security systems in wide range. Tank Security offers safes like anti-burglary safes, vacuum safes, commercial safes, anti-burglary, anti-holdup and cash management safes.

Tank Security supplies TH1 and TH3 heavy duty safes that are specially designed to protect jewels, cash, important documents and valuables. Tank Security services provides peace of mind when out of home. Tank Security has built TH1 and TH3 anti-burglary safes with advanced technology along with latest torch and drill resistant materials to make sure it is effective against advanced criminals.

Tank Security creates barrier in such a way that it is resistant against attack by high speed drills, oxy-acetylene, physical force and explosives. Th1 from Tank Security weighs around 180 kilograms with moderate insurance cash rating and TH3 weighs around 400 kilograms with high insurance cash rating.

Tank TH1 and TH3 anti-burglary safes from Tank Security consists of the following features which includes full width chromed boltwork in steel, amour glass relocking, rack and pinion handle, double boltdown holes, combination lock with owner changeable combinations along with optional 8-lever keylock, internal lockable drawer and electronic protective device fitting with alarm systems.

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