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Tango Forklifts and Industrial Tyres offers solid tyres to suit forklifts and industrial equipment

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Tango forklift and Industrial Tyres offer a variety of solid tyres to suit many applications. These can include:

  • Forklifts
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Trailers and various
  • Industrial equipment
  • Bobcats
Key features of solid tyres include:
  • Solid tyres can replace pneumatic tyres in most applications
  • Solid tyres will fit onto the same rims as pneumatic tyres eliminating any additional set up cost and will result in reduced down time and lower operating costs
  • Sizes can range from an 8” internal diameter for small industrial or forklift applications through to 25” diameter for very large mining and construction machines
  • Solid tyres are available in various compounds (2 or 3 compound), tread and colour (non mark)
  • The 2 compound solid tyre can provide an economical alternative and is ideal for low use applications
  • The 3 core compound solid tyre will give the operator a smoother ride while having a hard wearing outer surface resulting in a longer life for the solid tyre
The 3 core compound consists of 3 layers.  The base of the solid tyre is a steel ring, reinforced with hard rubber to form the inside of the solid tyre.  The base is shaped to form a secure fit onto the rim.  The inner layers are manufactured using soft compound to provide a soft and comfortable ride for both the operator and the machine. This is followed by the hard wearing outer surface. The outer surface is generally treaded although a smoother finish is used in some applications.  Maximum wear marks on the wall of the solid tyre will indicate when the solid tyre is ready to be replaced. 

Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres has branches in Victoria and Queensland and provides a full supply, pressing and fitting service in Melbourne, country Victoria, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Tango has dealers in other states and country areas.

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