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On site solid forklift tyre fitting services offered by Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres

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Having solid forklift tyres fitted on site will usually result in down time of at least one hour, however now Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres  offers a unique exchange rim, on site forklift tyre fitting service to minimise forklift down time.

Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres' on site forklift tyre fitting service can take as little as 10 minutes for two tyres, or up to 15 minutes for a full set.

Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres also has a full range of rims to suit all forklifts, as well as solid forklift tyres pressed onto exchange rims ready for on site fitting.

A fully trained forklift tyre fitter will visit the customer site, remove the worn tyres from the forklift and replace them with solid tyres on exchange rims. The worn tyres are then taken back to a Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres warehouse where the worn forklift tyres are unpressed from the rims. The rims are then used for another set of solid forklift tyres and the process starts again.

This exchange rim system and on site forklift tyre fitting is available for most makes of forklift, and the exchange rims are colour coded for ease of identification. Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres has a detailed reference of forklifts and their hub/rim dimensions to aide in indentifying the correct rims for the forklift.

Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres also offers a full on site fitting service for other tyres, including:

  • cushion solid tyres
  • solid tyres
  • pneumatic tyres
  • polyurethane wheels
  • industrial tyres
  • non mark tyres; and
  • forklift tyres.
On site forklift tyre fitting is available from Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres in:
  • Melbourne (and other parts of Victoria)
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast (and other parts of Queensland); and
  • Northern New South Wales.
Tango Forklift and Industrial Tyres is also able provide solid tyres on exchange rims that can be couriered to the customer in remote areas where they can be fitted and the worn tyres returned.ngo Forklift Tyres have branches in Victoria and Queensland. Tango has dealers in other states and country areas.

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