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Cooling water treatment chemicals by Tandex

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As well as providing water treatment programs for the prevention of scale, corrosion, algae and bacteria, Tandex aims to help its customers achieve significant long-term cost savings in their cooling tower performance through:

  •  Improved scale inhibition 
  •  Improved chiller efficiency 
  •  Reduced water consumption 
  •  Reduced chemical consumption 
  •  Improved Legionella control 
  •  Reduced cooling tower maintenance costs  
  • improved corrosion

Protection cooling tower chemical range includes:

  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Corrosion Inhibitors 
  • Biocides 
  • Bio-Dispersants 
  • Acid / Alkaline descalers 
  • Sanitisers 
  • Pre-commissioning & Cleaning chemicals Antifoam & Neutralising chemicals

Food Grade & Organic chemicals Closed Circuit Chemical range includes:

  •  Corrosion Inhibitors 
  •  Scale Inhibitors 
  •  Specific Copper Inhibitors 
  •  Dispersants 
  •  Food Grade & Organic chemicals 

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