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Tamper Evident's security seals and tapes for safeguarding documents

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Tamper Evident  offers a wide range of security seals and tapes, which can be used to protect a company’s confidential documents. The security seals and tapes are also useful for preserving the integrity of the document.

Document integrity and storage are significant factors in the functioning of an organisation. The need to highlight unauthorised access is paramount, as the cost of confidential information becoming public knowledge can be enormous.

Many organisations are using Tamper Evident’s security seals and tapes to safeguard their documents.

Personalised features for security seals and tapes can be adopted for almost any application. Sequential numbering, logos, barcodes, receipt functionalities and more can provide a customised solution.

Tamper Evident can supply security seals and tapes for various industries including mining, manufacturing, government, legal, hospital, drug and pharmacy, electronic, transport and storage, banking and finance.

The applications of the security seals and tapes include:

  • Test tube samples
  • Evidence bags
  • Cash bags
  • Safes and cash boxes
  • Storage areas and containers
  • Food containers
  • CCTV tapes
  • Drug containers
  • Valves and outlets
  • Computer and electronic equipment
  • Software/CDs/DVDs
  • Power boards and switches
  • Courier/Transport/postal packages and documents

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