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Security seals and tapes from Tamper Evident

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Tamper Evident’s  customer base consists of many different types of businesses who have individual requirements for ensuring that items remain confidential and/or uncompromised.

Tamper Evident can supply a wide range of security seals and tapes to cover almost any application. Issues such as security, theft, contamination and brand protection can easily be dealt with by using Tamper Evident products.

Most of Tamper Evident’s customers have made huge investments in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Therefore, they have no desire to see their quality product or information compromised by unauthorised access during storage, distribution, postage and freight, or shelf time.

Whilst Tamper Evident maintains a core range of products both in Australia and overseas, they also provide made-to-order specialised products ensuring that customers get the right product for their particular application.

Tamper Evident supplies security seals and tapes that when applied can be easily inspected during any stage of transport, storage or retailing. Any unauthorised access is clearly highlighted by the special characteristics of Tamper Evident products. Tamper Evident also supplies specialised covert and overt solutions to brand protection issues, thus ensuring genuine product authenticity.

Product characteristics such as UV fluorescent and thermo chromic inks, sub surface printing, holograms, security cuts, customisation, bar coding, unique numbering and more can all be utilised to meet customers’ needs. This is a sensitive area of business for many brand owners; therefore Tamper Evident operates with good discretion and confidentiality when dealing with customers’ projects.

Tamper Evident can supply many varying industries - e.g. mining, manufacturing, government, legal, hospital, drug and pharmacy, electronic, transport and storage, banking and finance.

Some examples where Tamper Evident Seals and Tapes can be used are:

  • Test tube samples
  • Evidence bags
  • Cash bags
  • Safes and cash boxes
  • Storage areas and containers
  • Food containers
  • CCTV tapes
  • Drug containers
  • Valves and outlets
  • Computer and electronic equipment
  • Software/CDs/DVDs
  • Power boards and switches
  • Courier/transported/postal packages and documents

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