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Security Label Seals from Tamper Evident

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The TT1, TT2, TT3, TT7622R, TT7350, TT9822, TT9848R, TT150-38, TT17525 and CS-Label are included in the Tamper Evident range of specialist self adhesive tamper-evident label seals.  

These label seals are all designed specifically for the protection as well as maintenance of integrity of items and areas.  

Tamper Evident security label seals are designed to provide the user with physical evidence of any unauthorised access.  

Any tampering and attempt to peel or remove the security label seal will instantly result in a hidden message being revealed on that label. Once they are applied they cannot be removed without being damaged beyond re-use.  

Features and Benefits of Tamper Evident Label Seals

  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive standard range of label seals
  • Customised to include company name, logo, barcoding and numbering
  • Permanent and peelable adhesives
  • High and low temperature performance adhesives
  • Reversible and irreversible Thermochromic inks
  • Photochromic and DNA inks
  • Barcoding and holograms
  • Sequential numbering (both sub surface and surface)
  • Customer-specific text in the voiding and surface messages

Applications for Tamper Evident Label Seals

  • Airlines: Aircraft Doors, Airline In-Flight Catering Trolleys, First Aid Kits
  • Banking: Cash-In-Transit, Cash Deposits, Cash Couriers, ATMs
  • Government: Confidential and Sensitive Documents/ Records
  • Mining: Precious Gems and High Value Items Storage/Transportation
  • Hospitals: Drug Distribution, Patient Records, Medical Cabinets, First Aid Kits
  • Education: Exam Papers, Confidential Information
  • Sport: Athlete/Horse/Dog Specimen Sample Storage/Transportation
  • Police: Evidence, Confidential Information/ Communication
  • Electronics: Circuit Boards, Computer Equipment, Warranty Seals, Asset Labels
  • Goods Transport: Carton, Pallet Packaging, Couriered Correspondence


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