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Customised Security Seals and Tapes available from Tamper Evident

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Tamper Evident  Security Seals and Tapes have many different characteristics offering uniqueness to their customers’ requirements.

There is a standard range of sizes available for commonly supplied items, however, security seals or tapes can be made to customer specific requirements. Standard Tamper Evident security seals and tapes come in a range of colours. Common and some special colours can be printed to suit customer needs, subject to security seal or tape properties. Minimum production requirements would be applicable for non standard colours.

Most security seals and tapes are generally rectangular in shape. Tamper Evident has a standard range of shapes available. Special shapes can be produced subject to minimum production requirements. Security seals and tapes are supplied in various forms according to their size and mode of application. Tamper Evident security seals can be supplied in individual units, sheet form, roll, perforated roll or folded form.

Security cuts can be provided to improve the tamper evident properties. Surface and sub surface printing is available subject to minimum production requirements. The capacity to write on certain tamper evident security seals and tapes can also be provided.Tamper Evident can supply many varying industries such as mining, manufacturing, government, legal, hospital, drug and pharmacy, electronic, transport and storage, banking and finance.

Tamper Evident Seals and Tapes can be used in the following applications:

  • Test Tube Samples
  • Evidence Bags
  • Cash Bags
  • Safes and Cash Boxes
  • Storage Areas and Containers
  • Food Containers
  • CCTV Tapes
  • Drug Containers
  • Valves and Outlets
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment
  • Software/CDs/DVDs
  • Power Boards and Switches
  • Asset Labels
  • Courier/Transported/Postal Packages and Documents

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