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GoalOriented learning available from Talisco reduces human error

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GoalOriented learning (GOL), available from Talisco , is a structured learning that reduces errors. One of the effective ways to reduce human error is through a structured learning system that helps people to acquire the skills they need to do their jobs error-free.

Following are the benefits of GOL:

  • Skills verification and proof of competency (to comply with external regulatory standards)
  • Reduces errors and captures the lessons of yesterday so errors are not repeated
  • Faster acquisition of competencies (in most cases around 80% faster)
  • Improved consistency and quality in performance of tasks. Talisco measure the impact on the key performance indicators with improved throughput and product quality, reduced scrap and reduced downtime
  • Corrects behaviours and beliefs that impedes performance. Some performance problems are not due to capability, they are due to misaligned beliefs. Activities are incorporated to psychologically correct misaligned beliefs
  • Facilitates cultural change. Learning becomes an ongoing process that is part of each person's job, people become adaptable to change, thus, future-ready

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