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TAIT Electronics has launched additions to the new TB8100 Systems base station family. A new 12V dc base station is an addition to the existing TB8100 family, which raises the bar for analogue base stations, offering easy-to-use features and proven RF performance.

Tait has also launched a new 900MHz TB8100 that provides effective site linking.

Built on the industry-wide success of Tait's T800 base stations, the new generation TB8100 sets the standard for high-performance analogue radio communications technology.

The TB8100 combines ease of use, comprehensive remote monitoring capabilities, power management features, RF performance and robustness.

The TB8100 also has an upgrade kit available to convert to a digital P25 base station.

The TB8100 is highly suitable for applications where RF performance such as immunity to interference is vital.

To ensure minimal site power supply loading for customers, the TB8100 offers a power saving feature, which has now been included as standard across the TB8100 range of base stations.

The TB8100 base station includes software features, such as an integrated task manager, which helps companies to diagnose and adjust the operation of the base station from the comfort of their office or maintenance centre.

“With the launch of this new TB8100 base station we have made it attractive for customers to migrate from our traditional T800 to a technologically advanced TB8100 base station,” said managing director Dr Peter Baines.

“This 12V dc high performance Base Station requires no Power Management Unit (PMU) and has been introduced at a new entry price point for the TB8100 family."

The TB8100 base station has been developed by Tait Electronics to help companies improve their operational efficiency and to reduce communication costs.

Using the remote monitoring and diagnostic features, companies can significantly cut down operation costs by removing the need for frequent trips to sites or by diagnosing problems in advance of a site visit.

The new TB8100 base station is also equipped with a self-monitoring capability, which can dial-out to customers and immediately notify them in case of potential issues.

The TB8100’s comprehensive yet intuitive graphical user interface also makes it simple to program.

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