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Dual mode trunked/conventional mobile radio

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TAIT Electronics has introduced its new TM8255 mobile radio. Part of the TM8000 series of intelligent and state-of-the-art analogue mobile radios, the Tait TM8255 is a true dual mode mobile radio offering MPT 1327 trunked and full conventional functionality.

The TM8255 is an ideal solution for a wide range of voice and data applications where comprehensive trunked services are required by organisations to run state-of-the-art transport networks, essential public safety or utility services.

In addition to all MPT1327 trunking call types, the TM8255 can revert to a conventional mode and select from up to 1500 channels.

The TM8255 is rugged, reliable and easy to use. It comes with a large alphanumeric LCD display providing clear message and channel information for users. Alphanumeric labels can be programmed and viewed and up to four lines of text and icons can be displayed.

The TM8255 also offers an intuitive menu structure allowing users to quickly navigate to all the radio’s functions such as channel access, zones and display settings.

The TM8255 offers user-friendly features such as call queuing and missed call storage, which lets users queue incoming calls for future reference to call back when they have been on another call or away from their radio.

Users can exchange easy to enter short data messages such as ‘at lunch’ or ‘en-route’ without the need for voice conversation. Messages of up to 100 characters can be exchanged on some networks.

The TM8255 also includes voice inversion scrambling over trunked networks as standard, providing extra privacy for mobile communication.

The TM8255 supports the widely accepted MAP27 (Mobile Access Protocol for MPT 1327 equipment) standard. The MAP27 interface and a 1200 baud internal modem are included as standard in the TM8255 to provide ease of integration and lower costs to users. This capability makes the radio an effective building block for creating business solutions, using data over trunked networks.

The TM8255 has been developed using innovative RF design and includes an array of features to maintain operations, even under harsh conditions.

Customisation is also very easy with the TM8255 and new functionally can be added via software upgrade, lowering the cost of ownership for users.

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