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Dual band mobile radio system

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TAIT Electronics has introduced the TM8260 mobile radio – a dual band radio system set to vastly improve public sector agency communication in mission critical situations.

Designed specifically for public safety incident management where cooperation between different groups of personnel is essential, the Tait TM8260 offers the ability to receive and transmit on two frequency bands simultaneously.

This dual band interoperability enables multiple user groups, such as fire, ambulance and police services, to quickly and reliably communicate when involved in mutual response operations.

The cross band repeat mode can also extend radio coverage for users operating away from their vehicle or in network fringe areas.

The TM8260 solution features an easy to read alphanumeric display to quickly and clearly view information such as the frequency band and identity of co-communicators, and when connected to a GPS receiver, the user’s latitude, longitude, course and speed.

Its single control head is mounted separately to the radio bodies, maximising the limited space inside modern emergency vehicles where two separate radios and control heads would have been installed previously.

The Tait TM8260 is also suitable for private sector organisations, such as those in the mining industry, to provide easy cross-group communication between radio user groups or with external business partners that operate on previously incompatible frequency bands.

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