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Coal chute refurbishment helps eliminate chronic blockage and wear issues for mining and energy

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article image TW Woods’s hood and spoon chute designs under construction

TW Woods Constructions  is introducing a coal chute refurbishment and redesign service to help eliminate chronic problems in older chute types.
Ideal for resolving problems including premature chute and conveyor belt wear, blocking and product spillage, the new service complements TW Woods’ new smooth-flowing materials handling transfer chute business and applies to both underground and overland conveyor chutes used with mine and energy plant conveyors typically between 900-1200mm and up to 1200 tph capacity. The service is also suitable for chutes used by quarries.
Though many of the improved designs and materials have been around for the last decade or so, TW Woods Director Mr Tom Woods explains that many of the older plants around seem to be rusted on to older designs, which are simply patched up or repaired. He adds that such plants have a continuous problem with having to employ labour to clean the chutes out and to clean up the spillage, costing time and money.
Refurbishment componentry including soft loading chutes in hood and spoon configurations, take advantage of advances in chute design over the past 10 years as well as better and more robust materials such as high-impact, extremely wear-resistant chromium carbides, which make advanced hood and spoon designs possible.
Typical problems in older chutes caused mostly by outdated design include blocking or hang-up due to fines, clay or sticky material being conveyed. TW Woods incorporates self-cleaning features, which keep the product flowing through the chutes at the same velocity as the speed at which the discharge belt and receiving belt are moving. By keeping the product moving, reducing slow flow areas and reducing boil-over at the discharge belt, spillage and chute hang-up issues are reduced.
Another issue concerns the high impacts at loading points on chutes, which wear holes through the chute. TW Woods’ refurbished and replacement chutes are designed to lower the impact angle of the material onto the chute, reducing impacts and noise, and keeping the material flowing, rather than bouncing and uncontrolled.
TW Woods also recommends chromium carbide material, which is designed to handle the high constant impact and extend the life of the chute considerably by a number of years.
TW Woods incorporates large radius turns into the chute design, which allows material to flow easier without hang-up, resulting in reduced wear on the chute and extending its life.
TW Woods products for mineshaft development include shaft liners, drilling tooling and wear plate materials, as well as custom-fabricated wear plate kits manufactured at the company’s new plate processing facility for the maintenance of heavy machinery used in shaft development in addition to bulldozers, trucks, graders and loaders.
The company’s new technology includes low-height transfer chutes, which feature a conical head developed by mining specialist designers to maintain high volume high flow rates (up to 2000 tons an hour) when conveyors change direction underground or on the surface.

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