TTP Plastics by Design

TTP Plastics by Design specialise in product manufacture and product mouldings such as plastic crates, plastics profile extruders and pelletisers, plastic injection moulding, designing and construction plastic machine tools and processing machinery.


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12/01/12 - TTP Plastics by Design's plastic injection moulding division specialises in medium to large plastic injection mouldings, with the capacity to process most plastics.
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19/11/10 - Harwood Trays from TTP Plastics by Design are strong, heavy duty, multi-purpose trays with a number of added features.
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18/11/10 - Party Pal food service trays are small food service trays with wine glass holders which let guests hold their food and drink in one hand while keeping their other hand free.
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10/10/10 - TTP Plastics by Design offer a range of polymer chair shells, including the Aquarius, Strata and Gemini models.
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