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The Fatigue Calculator now available from TSI Queensalnd

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article image The Fatigue Calculator now available from TSI Queensalnd

The Fatigue Calculator, available from TSI Queensland is being marketed by Safe-T-Warehouse is a simple and easy to use risk assessment tool, which provides a measurable means of identifying fatigue in an organisation's personnel. Similar to measuring Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), it provides a bench mark by which an entire workforce can be assessed, all of the time.

Features of the fatigue calculator include:

  • Referring to own risk assessments of specific organisational tasks, the user of the fatigue calculator can then establish an internally acceptable measure of fatigue based upon the potential for injury or accidents for any given individual or business department
  • Based entirely on the licensed Prior Sleep/Wake Algorithm of the Centre for Sleep Research, the fatigue calculator is a scientifically verified, cost effective, and portable tool
  • The fatigue calculator allows employers to safeguard against non-work fatigue impacting upon productivity and safety, by ascertaining ahead of time exactly when fatigue will become an issue for any given employee
  • The fatigue calculator allows managers and supervisors to be pro-active about safety and to make informed decisions, rather than reacting to issues as they arise
The fatigue calculator takes three factors into account when determining individual fatigue levels:
  1. How long a person is going to be awake
  2. how much sleep they have had in prior two days
  3. what time of day it is
This allows for determination of whether a person is reporting fit for work and suitably rested to commence work, and how long they are able to work before fatigue creates an unacceptable level of risk.

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