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TSI Queensland launches new Heavy Duty Lanyard range

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TSI Queensland  (Tropical Safety and Identification) and DBI-SALA, the manufacturer dedicated to the fall protection market, has launched their new Heavy Duty Lanyard range.

The new Heavy Duty Lanyard range is a product that addresses heavy weight issues while working at height.

The range has been specifically designed for people who need to access areas with a risk of fall arrest and have a combined body weight with tools and equipment up to 160kg.

Previously, workers in a high weight were either unable to perform their task or carried on regardless - risking personal injury in the event of a fall due to the extra force generated on their body.

DBI-SALA has taken a pro-active approach, taking end user requirements into consideration, with their Heavy Duty Lanyard range specifically designed to make fall protection safer and more efficient in these work environments.

TSI Queensland supports DBI-SALA in this new endeavour and now stocks the new Heavy Duty Lanyard range.

“Fall protection is no longer one size fits all”, says Michael Biddle, Managing Director of Capital Safety, Australia and New Zealand. “Lanyards, as do harnesses, need to be properly fitted to take into account the user’s weight, the amount of tools and equipment they need to carry and the work environment, so that an appropriate lanyard can be chosen”.

Selected models of the Heavy Duty Lanyards are available with DBI-SALA’s new heavy duty connection hardware and are available from TSI Queensland.

The new hooks reduce the risks of accidental disengagement created by sideways pressure placed on them, otherwise known as side gate loadings.

DBI-SALA’s i-Safe intelligent safety system is built into every Heavy Duty Lanyard to track inspections, control inventory and manage information.

I -Safe utilises RFID equipped fall protection equipment combined with web enabled information management to take fall protection to a new level of performance and safety.

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