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Real time application development from TNI Software

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TNI Software  offers an advanced solution for real time design, modelling and analysis of complex, multi-processors and multi-bus systems and software.

For complex and critical real-time application development and software design, RT-Builder allows specifying, modelling and analysing control and data-oriented functions. With the help of RT-Builder, users can model, simulate, verify and generate design documentation. RT-Builder supports both asynchronous and synchronous aspects of real-time developments

RT-Builder is equipped with existing libraries modelling advanced Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and Bus libraries. The libraries can easily be customised or extended to integrate dedicated needs or provide a good support of customer’s real-time choices.

With RT-Builder, users can easily model and manage interactions between control and data functions, including concurrency, multi-tasking, pre-emptive actions, shared resources, event routing and filtering.

Unlike point-to-point solution, where one simulator is able to communicate with only one other simulator, CosiMate utilises an open architecture based on a co-simulation bus. The solution provides two major advantages which includes an open architecture enabling multi-point integration and communication of heterogeneous simulators and the ability to simulate models across the network by optimising CPU usage and simulation performance.

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