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ControlBuild from TNI Software is a PLC programming and virtual commissioning desktop for automation and software engineers. The ControlBuild from TNI Software is an automation CAD tool which allows various application development ranging from need and requirements through to production and update, including design, PLC or RT code generators and dynamics documentation. The integrated software enables the passage from one development stage to the next without the need to recapture data. The software helps in tracking mistakes, time gain and coherent databases.

ControlBuild Application Generator from TNI Software covers different stages of the control software development for an industrial system. The stages include system design, software design, automatic code generation, unitary tests, integration tests, factory acceptance tests production and maintenance and training.

ControlBuild-Design is an industrial automation systems design. With the help of ControlBuild-Design, users can create a virtual prototype of the command control system and the physical installation in order to validate the functional specification through simulations.

Controlbuild Validation from TNI Software is a simulator which is designed to offer a realistic model of the operative behaviour of electro-mechanical equipment, automation systems or production and assembly lines.

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