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TNA have always prided themselves on innovation and customer service. When it comes to flexibility and reliability, TNA promises to always deliver.

TNA's customers in the food industry constantly strive to streamline their end-of-line operations - boosting the speed and efficiency of the machines, increasing automation and reducing manual feeding and handling.

TNA's flexible and versatile technology allows its customers to quickly accommodate changes in demand, a familiar requirement in today's changing global economy.

The ROBAG 3 Integrated Packaging Systems ensures:


Quick-change jaws - select from the widest range of bag widths and bag lengths

*Performance power

The fastest bagger on the market - over 220 bags per minute ensures maximum economic efficiency

*Highest output

Boost output with over 95% efficiency

*Smallest footprint

The product occupies less floorspace than any other packaging system on the market.

TNA offers all customers a total packaging solution for their business, working with them to improve the overall efficiency of their manufacturing facilities. TNA supplies a broad range of integrated systems to meet the needs of the food industry, such as baked snacks, salads, confectionery and powder.

To complement the diversity of the food industry, TNA also offers an extensive range of bag type solutions to meet your packaging requirements.

Visibility and innovative packaging are vital to differentiate snack and food products, which are typically positioned next to many competitors on cluttered shelves.

Unlike bags produced on other vertical machinery, TNA bags stand up proudly - and stay there, according to the company.

TNA's standup pouch is based on the Quattro bag format (4 side seals) and the sealed bag base eliminates the common problem of bags falling over on the display shelf.

The extensive range of bag types offered by TNA is guaranteed to stand up and be noticed in the busiest grocery aisle.

TNA can deliver this solution on any existing ROBAG machine by simply adding a conversion kit, reducing customers' capital investment requirements.

With TNA total packaging systems customers can quickly and easily reconfigure machinery to run any style of bags, opening up new markets to their business.

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