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TNA redefines Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) systems’ performance standards

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Since 1982, TNA has transformed into an organisation, which has earned the respect of the food packaging industry world-wide. By revolutionising the speed and flexibility in which factories can package products, TNA has redefined the performance standards of Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) systems.

TNA is entering a new and exciting phase. TNA needed an identifiable brand image that would reflect who it is. It signals change and plays an important role in TNA’s expansion process, while still maintaining the dynamics and vision for which TNA is renowned.

A significant milestone for TNA, the new brand identity solidifies TNA’s place within the food production industry and reaffirms TNA’s commitment to delivering innovative products and services.

According to TNA, any good brand is a result of consistent messages, steadfast marketing efforts, positively reinforced images and good experiences for customers.

As changes occur within industry, throughout markets and within client dynamics, TNA as a company must grow and its brand must evolve. The new TNA brand is part of that change process and gives it a visual platform from which TNA can continue to develop and expand its capabilities and customer base.

According to TNA, its new brand is more than just a fresh coat of paint. It is about growing business and delivering a strong message of engineering excellence, performance and reliability.

By looking to the future, TNA has been careful not to undermine its fundamental values and strengths by re-branding, and has ensured that whatever decisions have been made are in sync with business rationale and company principles.

TNA’s new brand creatively expresses its ideal from one, many, and is truly reflective of TNA in every respect. From one solution, many applications to one team, many global offices.

Already well received by major international clients, TNA’s new brand identity has been regarded as refreshing, clear and crisp, and truly reflective of TNA in the 21st Century.

According to TNA, potential customers interact with a company’s brand before they meet a human face. When people see TNA’s new identity, they will know TNA is a company that is passionate, pioneering and innovative.

To compliment the release of TNA’s new branding initiative, TNA has also launched a new website.

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