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ROBAG 3 accumulation, distribution and packaging system from TNA

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TNA, a leading supplier of turn-key integrated packaging and processing solutions for food production companies worldwide, offers a complete accumulation, distribution and packaging system especially designed for the fresh produce market.

TNA’s robag 3 stainless steel vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) bagger, together with its unique shaker software, offers efficient and gentle packaging processes for all types of fresh produce from bulk packaging to single-serving salads and bagged salad kits.

“It’s the integrity of the seal formed by our rotary jaws that makes the robag the ideal solution for produce bagging,” says Shayne De la Force, group marketing manager, TNA. “Most VFFS flat jaw machines are limited by design to achieve the required pressure for high quality sealing of the packaging film. The unique rotary action of the robag 3 compresses the film, forming a quality bonded seal.”

The robag’s sealing process dramatically reduces reject levels resulting in maximised output and increased product shelf life. The robag 3 is also engineered to facilitate fast changeovers so that new bag sizes and shapes are easily accommodated.

In addition, the special shaker software ensures a fast and smooth movement of the produce which generally has a high coefficient into the formed bags which inturn dramatically improving throughput.

Stainless steel design allows easy washdown and operation in environments that are generally very wet.

TNA’s advanced technology and software automate roflo’s totally gateless system, resulting in dramatic reductions in product damage. Fewer moving parts result in total controllability, easy cleaning, and lowered maintenance and service.

TNA, celebrated its 25th anniversary in business last year, and has set the benchmark in the industry for vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging systems, creating highly efficient machines, using less parts with a simple design to increase maximum output and flexibility.

Today, TNA provides a complete line of products from its well known robag VFFS Baggers; roflo Product Distribution & Accumulation Equipment; Seasoning Systems; Multihead Scales; Checkweighers; Date Coders; Metal Detectors, Case Packers; Palletizers; and Complete Processing Equipment.

TNA core products offer a range of robag stand-alone and turn-key systems.

The robag VFFS system has experienced much success in the snack, confectionery, biscuit, cereal, pasta, powder and fresh produce markets, and can form pillow, block bottom, quattro, string and canoe bags.

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