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Packaging systems on show

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TNA will unveil the new generation of ROBAG VFFS packaging systems to the US market at Snaxpo, Philadelphia and to the European market at TOTAL Processing & Packaging, Birmingham UK, in March.

The new ROBAG machines boast improved performance of up to 220 bags a minute. This is between 100% and 150% faster than conventional baggers.

They are also more efficient with a wastage rate of 1% and very flexible, capable of producing bag widths from 55mm to 320mm. The Robag VFFS System is widely used for snacks, confectionery, bakery, cereal, and pasta.

TNA will also exhibit its Roflo distribution system. The design handles products gently. It doesn't shake, rattle or bounce product whilst transporting it across the factory.

Roflo is fully servo driven, enabling smooth, accurate control over the products being distributed to the packaging systems. Product flow can even be reversed.

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