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Irreversible temperature indicators available from TJK Technologies

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TJK Technologies are now supplying irreversible temperature indicators that can be effectively used for of scores applications.

These indicators will illuminate when a temperature has reached or exceeded the determined amount, giving them hundreds uses within manufacturing and transportation.

Quality control and precision temperature readings are becoming increasingly important to product performances and some manufacturing processes.

Designed for low cost, these irreversible temperature indicators provide assurances needed to meet stringent temperature tolerances throughout the raw materials process, the finished product process, and even throughout shipping and storage.

These can also be fully customised to meet the exact needs of any application. These units are designed to be easy to read and to use, and may be applied directly to the product or on the packaging.

Some applications for these units include; computer manufacturing, electrical component manufacturing, printed circuit manufacturing, element manufacturing, fibre glass manufacturing, just to name a few.

The diverse range of applications can be seen with a few other areas including; food processing, general engineering, pharmaceutical, medical diagnosis, laboratory monitoring, air conditioning equipment, aerospace development, automotive manufacturing.

They can also be used to monitor the temperature in storage of beer or wine.

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