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Wear-resistant rubber products from TEGA Industries Aust.

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TEGA Industries Aust.  offer rubber products to a gamut of industries all over the world. TEGA Industries Aust. focus on core engineering applications and has expanded providing integrated solutions to complex industrial problems in the automotive, cement, chemical, fertiliser, material handling, power, quarry and steel plants.

For the coal mines and coal handling industry, TEGA Industries Aust. offer wear resistant rubber products for the Receiving Hopper, Conveying Chute Wagon Tippler Helper and Surge Hopper applications. Conveyer belts, conveyor accessories, flow promoting equipment, screen decks, hydrocyclones, sheet rubber and wear resistant liners are some of the products supplied by TEGA Industries Aust. to coal mines and the coal handling industry.

TEGA Industries Aust. provide rubber products for the Power Plants and Ore Handling Ports. For power plants, TEGA Industries Aust.’s liner products made from rubber, polyurethane and Elastocer are particularly useful for the coal handling chutes and conveyor component products. In the ore handling ports, TEGA Industries Aust.’s wear-resistant rubber, Elastocer and polyurethane liners are used for the wagon tippler receiving hopper and dumper hopper. Down stream chutes, receiving hoppers and ship loading telescopic chutes also need to be lined with wear resistant products to increase the life of the equipment and avoid unplanned shut downs.

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