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World's smallest RTC module

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has developed an ultra-compact and thin RTC module, RX-8564CF, which is supposed to be the world's smallest real-time clock module, including the 32kHz crystal, available.

Whereas in the case of most of the competitors real-time clocks (RTC) are usually simple ICs which require an external 32kHz crystal as a clock to be connected, Epson goes an advanced way.

All of its RTC modules integrate both the clock IC and the 32kHz crystal in one housing. This structure leads to a reduction of required PCB space and power consumption.

The modules are ideal for mobile equipment which require a clock function, such as mobile phones, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, PDAs and other small mobile information equipment.

This new module encloses a tuning-fork-type crystal used for the ultra-compact Epson FC-135 crystal unit and the same clock IC as used in the Epson RTC-8564JE and RTC-8564NB, and is software-compatible to these RTC modules.

It communicates through an I2C-bus interface. Besides alarm and timer function it features a 32.768kHz output function. With an output-enable option, this signal can be used to drive additional ICs if necessary.

The module is operable in the wide range of 1.8V to 5.5V. A mere 275nA (typ.) power consumption at 3V makes the RX-8564CF suitable for any kind of battery driven application.

All these features come in a compact 5.0 x 3.2 x 1.1mm ceramic SMD package.

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