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World's smallest LVDS output oscillators

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia has developed the world's smallest LVDS (low voltage differential signalling) output crystal oscillator operating at 2.5V. Known as the EG-2121CA-L, mass production of this new oscillator started in December 2002.

The EG-2121CA-L opens up a whole family of LVDS oscillators. There is already a second product available, the EG-2102CA-L. Both are LVDS output versions of EPSON's low-jitter and high-reliability oscillators EG-2121CA-P and EG-2102CA-P, both with LV-PECL output.

They have the smallest package dimensions of any LVDS oscillator on the market and are the first oscillators to provide stable output with ±2% duty (at 175MHz and lower).

These oscillators are the result of EPSON's efforts to embody customer needs for advanced products in minimal sized packages.

By providing oscillators with LVDS output, EPSON makes it possible to achieve low current consumption, to simplify peripheral circuits and to reduce noise.

These advantages for circuit interfaces for FPGAs, ASICs and similar devices enable customers to build high quality products and create a distinction to the competition.

The stable duty ratio enables easy realisation of double data rate (DDR) RAM applications and devices like computer networks, video, grafic cards, etc.

The EG-2121CA-L provides an ideal clock signal for high-speed serial communication like Serial-ATA, Fibre Channel, PCI-Express, Ethernet, HyperTransport, IEEE 1394b, etc.

The new oscillators of the EG-series consist of a high-stability Epson surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator and a newly developed IC incorporated into a 5 x 7 x 1.4 mm ceramic package.

The resonator belongs to the new SAW series, with drastically optimised frequency-temperature dependency. This reduction of the temperature coefficient to 50% of the previous level is said to be a quantum leap in the quartz industry.

The ultra compact LVDS-output oscillators are available in frequencies between 53.125 MHz and 700 MHz. All these frequencies are realised in direct oscillation and fundamental mode. This leads to the world's lowest jitter levels at the clock signals of the EG-2121CA-L and EG-2102CA-L.

Problems like spurious, temperature dips, etc., associated with the usage of AT based overtone or PLL-oscillators are unknown to Epson's SAW-based products. Epson's EG-Series is de facto standard in the market of oscillators with tight jitter requirements.

The EG-2121CA-L operating at 2.5V together with the EG-2102CA-L accepting 3.3V, form a platform for all actual clock requirements.

With these completely lead free oscillators, customers can easily build products following EU environmental protection regulations.

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