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Voltage controlled SAW oscillator

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SEIKO Epson, represented by TE Australia , has succeeding in developing a voltage controlled SAW oscillator (VCSO) that provides direct oscillation and output in the 2GHz band (2-3GHz).

Named the EV-3104, the new VCSO, which boasts smallest package in its class, will begin shipping in volume in September 2003.

With Epson's most advanced ultra-high-frequency circuit integration technology and a low-loss diamond SAW, the new VCSO realises ultra-low jitter and low phase-noise characteristics in a compact package.

The output of unmodified, directly ocillated frequency provides low phase-noise characteristics that are superior to those of conventional circuit types (multiplier, PLL, and VCO) and enables output circuit designs in bands ranging from several gigahertz to several tens of gigahertz to be easily achieved.

As a a consequence, this design will contribute to lower product development costs and shorter development lead-times.

The EV-3104 is targeted primarily at the following applications:

* Dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) in next-generation wireless telematics communication systems.

* Fixed wireless access (FWA) systems.

* Equipment for next-generation optical networks, such as OC-768 and STM-256.

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