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Ultra-low power microcomputer

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article image S1C63654 ultra-low-power 4 bit microcomputer.

EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has developed an ultra-low-power 4 bit microcomputer that consumes an average of less than 1µA of current during use.

The new microcomputer, named S1C63654, is suitable for application in small, battery-powered mobile devices equipped with liquid crystal displays such as radio-controlled timepieces, thermometers, remote controllers, and wireless temperature/humidity control tags.

The S1C63654 is a low-power 4-bit microcomputer equipped with sufficient ROM & RAM, an LCD driver, and other functions needed for today's radio-controlled timepieces.

Since radio-controlled timepieces automatically maintain the correct time by capturing radio waves carrying standard time information, their application in such products as security equipment, home devices, and electronic transactions is being studied.

The S1C63654 has a built-in resistance/frequency converting A/D converter. In combination with an external resistor and thermistor or humidity sensor, the A/D converter enables temperature and humidity measurements at 1/100 to 1/1000 of the power consumed by a typical A/D converter.

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