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Single chip IEEE1394 interface

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia, has announced the development of IEEE1394 interface IC S1R72902 with integrated PHY controller. The S1R72902 provides an optimal IEEE1394 interface to audio-video appliances from computer peripherals to digital home electronics.

The S1R72902 contains an IEEE1394 interface and a stream interface conforming to the IEEE1394-1995 and 1394a-2000 standards.

This single-chip IC integrates a 2-port cable PHY, a LINK /Transaction controller ideal for IEC61883 isochronous packets, EPSON's original 32-bit RISC processor and a Flash ROM for the firmware; there is no need for additional Flash ROM.

For IEC61883 isochronous packet transfer, this IC can add and remove CIP and source packet headers automatically. The LINK/Transaction controller supports bi-directional data transfer in both, Asynchronous and Isochronous modes. The built-in SRAM implements stable transfer at a MaxPayload of up to 100/200/400 Mbps.

The stream interface (supporting IDE interfaces) can connect to separate 8-bit DMA interfaces for inputs and outputs. Some part of transaction is hardware-implemented. Setting PageTable addresses and sizes in the SBP-2 protocol automates subsequent PageTable fetch and data transfer.

The supply voltage is 3.3V ±0.15V and package is a flat QFP with 176 pins (24 x 24 x 1.4 mm).

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