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Quartz crystal for automotive applications

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has introduced the MC-30A, a quartz dedicated to automotive applications. It is a variant of the MC-306, a 32.768kHz clock crystal for dashboards.

A key point of the MC-30A is the special production process. It is manufactured on a dedicated line with a tighter process control, including a much tighter inspection and testing of the products.

The MC-30A comes in a plastic mould package in the dimensions 8 x 3.8 x 2.54mm max. Inside, the crystal is encapsulated in a metal cylinder, granting hermetic sealing.

The 100% SMD package has a temperature extension coefficient very similar to that of standard PCBs, therefore eliminating solder cracks. It operates in -40ºC to +85°C as standard and is also available for -40ºC to +125°C environments.

The tuning fork crystal inside of the MC-30A has a coating layer (an Epson patent) protecting the electrodes from shortages by particle contamination.

A wide space between the crystal and the surrounding metal cylinder helps to avoid harm or even destruction of the tuning fork in case of mechanical shock or strong vibrations.

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